Christmas Bird Count

Due to the snowstorm, the 56th annual Fairbanks Christmas Bird Count took place on Monday, January 2 (rescheduled from Saturday, December 31). Follow this link to view the results. Results from previous years are also available.

Stay tuned for information on next year’s count!


Audubon CBC circle

Download a 2016 information packet here (including contact information for all count sections, a map of the count circle, and a data sheet).

Download an official 2016 data sheet here.

The Fairbanks Christmas Bird Count is part of the Annual Christmas Bird Count, a winter tradition organized by National Audubon Society throughout the American hemisphere. National Audubon Society maintains a historical database of the counts. In addition, you can request a copy of all years of Fairbanks data from Gail Mayo, This data set includes some early counts that were not entered into the national database.

Here’s how it works:

Each Christmas Bird Count lasts 24 hours and covers a 177 square mile circle that is 15 miles in diameter. The Fairbanks count is centered on the intersection of Dalton Trail and Yankovich Road. The circle includes the top of Ester Dome, parts of the Chena and Tanana Rivers, the dump, and plenty of typical Interior habitat.

The object of the count is to cover as much of the circle as possible while identifying and counting birds without duplication. Since our daylight hours are limited we need many volunteers willing to cover assigned areas.

  • Field observers cover an assigned area and record species, numbers, and effort on the official count day. Please use the official data sheet.
  • Feeder watchers participate by counting the largest number of birds of each species seen together on that day. Please use the official data sheet.
  • Additional species seen or heard during “count week” (three days before and after the focal count day) can be added to the final list of species observed.
  • How to count Ravens: Ravens should be counted only if they are using the habitat (for example flying low, at or below the tree tops), feeding, or hanging around. This will help eliminate duplicate counts of flocks of commuting Ravens.
  • Large flocks should be counted as closely as possible. Please note the time and place large flocks are sighted so we can eliminate possible duplication.

Plan to join us for the compilation at the Creamer’s Field Farmhouse Visitor Center after sunset. Doors will be open starting at 3:30 pm. Arctic Audubon will provide drinks and snacks. We look forward to seeing you there with your data. Our goal is to complete the compilation that day. If you cannot attend, be sure to contact your area coordinator on count day.

Final results will be available on our website,, and published in a future newsletter. Christmas Bird Count data is online from 1900 to present at